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Автор Тема: The ideas of a dilettante to mitigate the spread of coronavirus  (Прочитано 1580 раз)

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I am going to send it to the CDC and I need your comments:

Some ideas for the CDC and US government regarding coronavirus epidemic mitigation.

Recently I read the CDC educational material and recommendation. In my opinion, they should be corrected a little bit.
1. CDC wrote: “if you are not sick you not need to wear mask”. Many masks on the market are really have inadequate design and very inefficient , nevertheless, in my opinion, at present, the level of thickness is already so high that this phrase should be replaced by something like “everyone should wear a mask, even if it is selfmade, especially when you are shopping, in public transportation, public elevator etc where many people, occasionally, become in close proximity to you.” Since, in our country there is a shortage of masks, people should be taught how to made them themselves. Actually it is very simple. Many ideas how to do this can be found on youtube.com. In my opinion, even simple paper napkins properly pressed by hands to the mouth and nose is sometimes better than nothing. CNN reported today that due to shortages in supply one of the hospital in Georgia (US state) began their own manufacturing of masks.
2. CDC wrote: “ virus is thought to spread mainly from person to person …. through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes”. In my opinion, here it should be written something like this: “when an infected person not only coughs or sneezes, but sometimes even when the person laughs or talking. Several days ago I observed three women were loudly laughing and talking in an public elevator. I clearly saw how saliva droplets were flying from one women mouth.
3. Thus yet another recommendation also should be added: “people who are happened to be in a close proximity to each other (doing shopping, in public transportation, in elevator etc) should, if it is possible and as long as it is possible, keep their mouth closed.”

Regarding this horrible situation with masks in our country.
I saw many many models of masks on the internet, but it does not look like many of them, may be even all of them, have very much adequate design. First of all it does not look like the edges of them are properly enough can be attached to the face leaving (I check a couple of them) huge slits between the edges and the face. Such masks are almost useless. Secondly, it does not look like they are properly certified for coronavirus. Most of them, of course, are not certified.
I believe hat the task to design good enough mask is as important as the task of vaccine creation. From what it is produced by private sector, they look too week and disintegrated to be competitive with the government to solve the task quickly. I also believe, that the people of the United States would be happy to learn that the US is considering to participate in solving these two problems at the level as it was done in 1939-1946 when Manhattan project was in action.

P.S. In our 24 floors 419 units building (Winston Towers 500) we asked already everybody to be silent in elevators.