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Grant on organic micropollutants


Proposed themes:
1) Effect of sulfur and fuel quality on the formation/destruction of
chlorinated organic micropollutants form co-combustion processes
2) Study of the formation/destruction of carbonaceous nanoparticles and
volatility organic products or intermediates in a turbogas flame.
Conditions and requirements:
The beneficiary fo the grant must fulfil the following requiremnts:
- enrolled to a PhD (but not completet yet) of an european university (not
- any citizenship
- age lower than 35 years
Conditions of the contract:
- lasting from a minimum of 3 months ot a maximum of 12 months
- personally i suggest a minimum of 9 months, in relation to the
characteristics of the activities to pursue
- payment of 1200 Euro gross per month + trip costs + paid partecipation to
- the activity to pursue must be agreed and approved by ENEL ( Centre of
Production Research, Via N.Pisano, PISA, ITALY) and from the supervisor the
follows the PhD
- it is expected a final report based on the results collected during the
More detailed informations can be found on the website: www.Ifrf.net
The application of the candidates SHOULD BE DONE URGENTLY, possibly within
the end of AUGUST.
For further info: Dott.ssa Loretta Bonfanti loretta.bonfanti@enel.it


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