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Не получили письмо с кодом активации?


Автор Тема: Kak napisat' references?  (Прочитано 9342 раз)

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Оффлайн Igor

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Kak napisat' references?
« : янв. 25, 2004, 18:56 »
Zdravstvujte, uvazhaemie uchenie.
Est' chance postupit' na PhD programmu, sprosili rekomendacii. Pisat' prihoditsja konechno mne.
Vi ne mogli bi podelit'sja primerami references dlja budushego PhD studenta ili linkami na takovie?
E-mail neuroscience@rambler.ru
Spasibo ogromnoe.
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Оффлайн Сергей Ш.

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Re:Kak napisat' references?
« Ответ #1 : янв. 26, 2004, 02:29 »
Основные источники:

Шура Гомельский. Как выиграть грант или постдок в западном университете.
В т.ч. "часть 3 - образцы писем": http://www.researcher-at.ru/com_viewarticle39-54Itemid.html

Рекомендательные письма (раздел Молбиола)

Еще ссылки (не все строго по теме, но даже там, где речь идет о рекомендации для редактора или программиста, можно почерпнуть кое-что полезное):

http://itsa.ucsf.edu/~jcholfin/Application_Process.html  (самый последний раздел на этой странице)

Уже исчезнувшие из инета (сайт закрылся?) три письма для одного и того же китайца (за качество не ручаюсь  ;) ):

Recommendation Letter(1)

Dear Sir or Madam:

As ex-director of the Department of Applied Chemistry at Dalian Railway College, where Mr. *** studied, I am very glad to recommend him to the Chemistry Department of your university to further his studies.

A veteran professor with over forty years of teaching and scientific research experience, I can proudly say that he was one of the best students in the history of our department and that he was the representative of the best students of our college in many aspects. First of all I must say something about his excellent classroom performance. When he was a four-year student, Mr. *** ranked first in almost all subjects in the whole grade and proved to be excellent in many professional subjects. Not only so, but Mr. *** was very strong in experiment operations. I remember when I was teaching the subject of Experiment in Environmental Monitoring, I asked all the students to test the particles suspended in the air on campus. When doing the experiment, Mr. *** found an extraordinary added value in his experiment results. To many other students, this could well be considered as an entirely tolerable error. But grasping this phenomenon, Mr. *** made a scrutiny of the surrounding environment. It turned out to be the result of a dust raised by a group of students doing physical training not far away. Such a discovery, though of scarcely any particular scientific value, demonstrated a valuable style of strictness and a capacity of independent thinking in Mr. ***.

Such independent scientific research ability found even more concentrated expression in his graduation thesis research later. Entitled "Research on Treatment of Fluoride-Containing Waste Water with Waste Water," the thesis creatively suggested the technology of using the water from steel casting to treat fluoride-containing water. This technology was not only of theoretical significance, but would be of considerable practical application perspective. This marvelous work won his thesis the honor of excellence. Later on the basis of the graduation thesis, he published two theses of scientific research, which appeared in two different CA collection periodicals, known as Technology of Water Treatment and Shanghai Environmental Sciences respectively, something few undergraduates managed to do.

On top of these, Mr. *** has many personal characters worthy of special recommendation. We may well say he was a full-fledged good student. In him there are many fine qualities of taking delight in helping others, and of being cheerful and optimistic, which will be the guarantee for his future successes.

Mr. ***'s excellent results in his studies and academic research, his fine scientific qualities and personal character make me sure that he will score ever greater success in his future studies and scientific researches. This is why I am warmly recommending him to your university for further studies.

Yours Sincerely


Recommendation Letter(2)

Dear Sir or Madam:

As a chemistry professor with the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I have the honor to recommend Mr. *** to study chemistry at your university.

A postgraduate educational institution, the CAS Graduate School is the school where all postgraduates from all research institutes within the CAS system must undergo basic course studies for the first year. It was in this capacity that Mr. *** came to the school and became my student. In my contact with him for one year or more, I was deeply impressed by Mr. ***'s performance. During the one-year period, I taught him three basic professional courses, namely, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Chemical Calculation, and Experiment in HPLC. The first two courses were very difficult theoretical courses for many students but Mr. *** showed very solid theoretical basis in both of them. This, plus his strong thirst for knowledge and hardworking spirit, left a very deep impression on me. Finally he got more than 90 marks for both. But examinations were not his ultimate goal. It was strong desire for knowledge that motivated his hard study. When the study of the subjects was over, Mr. *** would fetch me on vacations to discuss about Quantum Chemistry. During the discussions I got to further know his unique and deep understanding on many pioneering issues in the field. Meanwhile I got to know his desire for chemical research as his future career. It was really very pleasing for me that such an excellent student like him made such a professional choice.

Mr. *** has not only achieved prominent results in theoretical studies, but has made extraordinary performance in experiment lessons. For example the Experiment in HPLC lesson I taught was one of the important experiment lessons consuming many class hours. It called for the operation of many instruments, such as HPLC, IR and UV. In this lesson Mr. *** was displayed conscientiousness and carefulness He was good at making observations and finding problems from phenomena. Such a thinking quality made his experiment reports wonderful or even of certain scientific value.

Although I have had contacts with Mr. *** for only one year, I feel that Mr. *** is a student of great potentiality academically. Learning that he is planning to further his studies in the United States today, I am very pleased to recommend him to your university and sincerely hope that you will accept his application.

Yours Sincerely


Recommendation Letter(3)

To Whom this May Concern:

I am ex-director of the Chengdu Organic Chemistry Research Institute of CAS. I am heartily recommending a very good graduate from our institute Mr. *** Yiangping to your chemistry department.

Mr. *** came to our institute for Master Degree solid acid studies in September 1998. This was a very difficult subject. Plus the limitation of the institute apparatuses and funding Mr. *** met with setbacks in his work. But he showed strong scientific research initiative soon afterwards. As the subject group was set up very late, there was a sharp shortage of instruments and apparatuses. Thereupon, Mr. *** used his own hands to make some makeshift instruments, which eventually helped him in setting up a laboratory successfully.

Later he relied on the limited experiment conditions to carry out a series of meritorious research work programs. For example, he managed to synthesize a kind of solid acid called SO42-/ZrO2-SiO2-T2O2-SiO2 and applied it to catalyze styrene selective oxidation reaction and found it of higher catalyzing activity and selectivity. Again for example he suggested there might be a coordinated effect between HZSM-5 and dense sulfur acid, which might catalyze coupling reactions with high efficiency and selectivity, thus lessening the dosage of dense sulfur acid in reactions. Not only so, he has quite wide interest. For example he suggested a new method of measuring the mercury and arsenic in biological and pharmaceutical samples with micro dissolution --- atom fluorescent spectrum. He had many other similar research findings. Finally he published six research theses in domestic magazines and applied for two invention patents. He also published four articles at national and international academic conferences. Achieving so many attainments within such a short span of time was quite a remarkable success for a Master Degree student, indeed.

Besides, Mr. ***'s tenacity in scientific research is also noteworthy. For example it was necessary to make a 500-hour catalyst life perspective experiment in the final stage of subject research. To guarantee the smooth completion, Mr. *** completed the difficult experiment by way of stubborn stamina and obtained satisfactory results. We may well say that it was this spirit and talent that made Mr. *** so successful in his scientific research.

Thanks to his excellent performance during the Master Degree studies period, Mr. *** earned the President's Scholarship for Excellent Research Career, CAS Chengdu Branch. With this he completed his studies in our institute with full success.

A review of Mr. ***'s scientific research process shows that he is the pride of our institute. Meanwhile I wish Mr. *** would become the pride of your university as well. Finally I would like once again to recommend him without any reservation.

Yours Sincerely
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Оффлайн Igor

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Re:Kak napisat' references?
« Ответ #2 : янв. 26, 2004, 06:34 »
Dear Sergej,
thank you very much for the comprehensive response.
You have saved my life.
Kind wishes,

Оффлайн le-solovyo

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Re:Kak napisat' references?
« Ответ #3 : янв. 25, 2011, 03:45 »
это reference прокатило? or more accurately speaking Did you get PhD?

Оффлайн fsm

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Re:Kak napisat' references?
« Ответ #4 : янв. 28, 2011, 03:13 »
это reference прокатило? or more accurately speaking Did you get PhD?

Ага, и теперь Сергей работает в России, а раньше его имя было Sej Sua и глаза узкие-узкие. 

В будующем, человеку будут нужны только два органа - руки, чтобы включить компьютер и попа, чтобы на ней сидеть.