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Название: Теоретический Нейросаенс. Ищу работу.
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MSU, Biological Faculty, Biophysics Department
Degree and field of specialization: PhD Biophysics
I.   Computational techniques (Dbsolve, Mathcad, MathLab, Flexpde, Xpp and winpp).
II.   Mathematical modelling (nonlinear differential equations (ODE and PDE), kinetic modelling of metabolism).
III.   The modelling of large-scale biochemical systems:
Research interests
I.   Non-linear dynamics in living systems (dissipative structures, phase waves, pulse propagation, synchronization in neuronal networks). Projects:
1.   Dynamical switching between network states in neuronal networks.
2.   Spatio-temporal dynamics of glucolysis in yeast extracts. Theoretical studying.
3.    Modelling of pH and transmembrane potential pattern formation along the plant cell
II. Kinetic modelling of large-scale biochemical systems. Projects:
1. Development of kinetic models of E.coli purines biosynthetic pathway.
2. Development of kinetic models of amino acids: lysine, methionine, threonine.
III. Ion transport through cell membrane. Project:
Modelling of active and passive membrane transport in the plant cell.
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